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Georgia Prepares for Citrus Bumper Crop

Friday, November 17
(TBILISI) – As the harvest season approaches for Georgia’s citrus growing regions, the country’s farmers are gearing up for an unexpectedly large yield of citrus fruits, according to local governments estimates.

Georgia’s citrus plantations are mainly located in the subtropical Black Sea region of Adjara, where a typical season runs from November-January.

About 50,000-55,000 tonnes of mandarins, lemons, limes and oranges are harvested during this period and later exported to nearby countries.

The government has already introduced several initiatives to support the sector, with additional actions planned for the future. A special harvest coordination center opened in the Adjara region to offer support to citrus growers, producers and others in the industry.

Adjara’s local government also announced that companies that pay 0.2 GEL for every kilogram of lower quality mandarins to be processed and not sold as fruit would receive a subsidy of 0.10 GEL from the state. (