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Terra Mater at TBC Art Gallery

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, November 23
On November 21, TBC Art Gallery hosted 23 masterpieces of a prominent Georgian artist Ketevan Peradze. At the exhibition named Terra Mater her paintings, objects and installations has been displayed.

The material used for her work includes mixed techniques using wood, glass, bronze powder, natural pigments, turquoise, and sand.

Several works of art were on sale throughout the exhibition.

Ketevan Peradze, who studied Graphic Arts at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts has taken part in various international exhibitions in Tbilisi, Helsinki, Moscow, and Gothenburg.

She has had solo exhibitions in Pirosmani Gallery, Tbilisi Historical Ethnography Museum and the Gallery of Tbilisi State Academy of Arts.

“In my works I try to create the ideal world with a lot of sun, love, passion, light, in all possible aspects from the life experience. These are the values I believe in and want to convey them on canvas and silk with natural materials, with gems, pigments, turquoise, quartz,” noted Peradze.

The artist stated the new project, Terra Mater, is a spatial composition where she consciously used wealth from the heart of land.

“For me, the Earth, our mother nature, our Terra Mater is the only living and sensitive organism in the vast universe. Let us take care and look after our mother,” Peradze said.

The exhibition is open for public until January 21.