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Georgia ranks 71st in the world in terms of energy development

Thursday, December 14
According to a study conducted by the World Energy Council, Georgia occupies the 71st place in the world in terms of the development of the energy system from 125 countries, ge COMMERSANT reports.

All neighboring countries occupy higher places - in particular, Azerbaijan - 31st, Armenia - 52nd, Russia - 44th, Turkey - 50th.

David Mirtskhulava, ex-Minister of Energy of Georgia, believes that the 71st place is caused by a number of complex problems faced by the country's energy sector.

"The ranking assesses such criteria as energy security, access to energy, network reliability, ecology, etc. Georgia is a country that lacks both energy and hydrocarbons as oil products and gas are completely imported. Our energy sector is 70% dependent on imports. We buy energy from neighboring countries - Russia and Azerbaijan. The problem is that the sector is heavily monopolized, there are also big questions from the point of view of the reliability of the infrastructure, "the former minister notes.

"We have a lot of work to do. Currently the energy system is being reformed and we have no right for mistakes. It is necessary to improve the investment climate as and there is a danger it can deteriorate. Serious work is also needed to diversify energy supplies. In general, we still have a lot to do to improve our positions in the rating ", - says David Mirtskhulava. (