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Anaklia City Port will receive ships by 2020

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, December 21
On December 15, The Anaklia Development Consortium (ADC) briefed the media on recent developments about Anaklia Deep Sea Port, Anaklia City and Economic Zone.

The presentation was delivered by a co-founder and chairman of the TBC Holding Board Mamuka Khazaradze, CEO of JSC Anaklia City Keti Bochorishvili and CEO of Anaklia Development Consortium Levan Akhvlediani.

ADC is developing the Anaklia Deep Sea Port and the Anaklia Free Industrial Zone in the Black Sea region to breathe a new life into the ancient Asia-Europe trade route.

Both developments are granted through an investment agreement provided by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia for the rights to develop, finance, design, construct, market, manage, and grow the Anaklia region.

The Anaklia Port’s mission is to create a new and faster maritime corridor between China and Europe, helping to restore the historic Silk Road. The Port will be a lasting economic driver for Georgia, both the national asset representing Georgia’s historic significance and its vital role in the evolving global economy.

Khazaradze noted that though Georgia has several ports, the country’s one of the major ports, the Poti Port is closed 100-120 days a year due the old infrastructure. He talked about the organic law and new jurisdiction that will be created for the region. Two things crucial for this project are the “judicial base” and “financial support.” He also mentioned that the preparatory construction works will begin on December 24, 2017.

“Since we have signed several free trade agreements, it’s a good situation to start something new and useful. We have to be included in talks and discussions about the Silk Road,” stated Khazaradze.

Levan Akhvlediani said the aim is to be able to receive ships by 2020. He highlighted several factors including that the project will bring “about 21 000 job openings”.

“I want to show you how big Georgia’s potential is for becoming a gateway hub geographically in the world,” he said.

Keti Bochorishvili discussed Anaklia City, noting that ‘the industrial zone will be integrated with the infrastructure’.

“Infrastructure will be built in accordance with ecological principles. This project is a breakthrough for Georgia,” Bochorishvili declared.

TBC Holding and Conti group are the founding partners of the Anaklia Development Consortium.

Conti Group is a creator, builder, and operator of businesses. Their holdings are diversified both geographically and by sector, enabling them to pursue opportunities widely.

The team also includes companies such as SSA Marine, Maritime & Transport Business Solutions, and Moffatt & Nichol (M&N).