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Thursday, December 28
Russian Deputy FM Says Kremlin Keeps Close Eye on Georgia’s Military Build Up

(MOSCOW) – Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin said in an interview with Kremlin controlled news outlet Interfax on December 25 that Moscow is monitoring Georgia’s military build up in the wake of an announcement that the United States will provide lethal defensive weapons to Tbilisi’s armed forces.

“We are carefully observing the process and adjusting security assistance to Abkhazia and South Ossetia. We are not afraid of Georgia, but we are seriously concerned about the actions of its Western allies,” said Karasin.

Karasin was quick to condemn NATO and the US for agreeing to supply anti-armor and anti-air systems to Tbilisi, saying the moves would start an arms race in the South Caucasus that could lead to another round of open conflict.

He also noted that despite the Georgian government’s pledges that it would not use force against Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Tbilisi continues to avoid signing a non-aggression pact with the two Moscow-backed rebel regions.

“We will not leave our allies alone in the face of a possible aggression, but considering the presence of NATO in Georgia, a very dangerous situation can develop that could threaten international stability,” Karasin added. (

Georgian Citizens Arrested in Turkey Were Members of Chatayev's Terror Cell

(ISTANBUL) -- New details are emerging that a Georgian husband and wife were detained in a special operation carried out in Turkey on Tuesday.

The suspects are reportedly members of ISIS commander Akhmed Chatayev's group in Turkey.

The Chechen-born Chatayev blew himself up on November 22 during a police raid by Georgia’s anti-terror division.

"According to our information, the detainees were members of Chatayev's group. I have no information whether the detainee had been fighting in Syria," said Nino Burchuladze.

According to Turkish media, various documents related to ISIS were seized as a result of searching the house of the detainees. (IPN)

Archpriest calls on Parliament to involve clergy in discussion of drug-related issues

Archpriest Davit Isakadze calls on the Parliament not to make a decision on the issue of such big responsibility alone and involve clergy in the discussion.

As Isakadze stated at the committee meeting, the mentioned position belongs to the Patriarch.

"We are clergymen and each drug user is our potential spiritual sons and daughters. We strongly oppose their arrest, these people need help, but it is necessary to talk about the amount. We should help people be cured from this disease. I want to tell you the position of the Patriarch - discussion should be held about this issue. Do not to make a decision on the issue of such big responsibility alone and involve clergy in the discussion," - Isakadze addressed lawmakers. (IPN)