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Chamber of Commerce and Industry France Summarizes 2017

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, January 8
Members and partners of Commerce and Industry France Georgia (CCIFC) have gathered to summarize the year of 2017 and discuss the yearly report in Rooms Hotel Tbilisi on December 21.

Antoine Bardon, Director of the Security Company “AA4 Security,” led the event. Under his patronage, the Chamber has reached a total of 33 members.

This year, the Chamber has organized several events with key partners. CCIFG has also attended the Global General Assembly in Paris.

The Executive Director of Publicis Hepta, Irina Sak, also commented on the report and future plans.

“Next year will be important for the Chamber. I hope the situation will change quickly and we will gain influence and members,” commented Sak.

Publicis Hepta Group is a dutch-owned group of marketing communication agencies.The group employs more than 150 people in six offices across the region and is a professional supplier of high quality marketing and advertising services in CIS.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France - Georgia is a non-profit organization. Its mission is to foster the business ties between France and Georgia.

The CCIFG has five main missions: to promote economic and commercial relationships between France and Georgia, to support French companies willing to set up their activity in Georgia, to facilitate the development of trade relations, to provide assistance to its members through business orientation, and networking opportunities.

The members include Holiday Inn, National Geographic Georgia, Promethea Voyages, Inter Technics, Hotel River Side, BLC Law Office, Tbilvino, Carrefour, Entrée, Mercure Hotels, Servier, and Eutelsat.