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Georgian products to be showcased at China’s upcoming import fair

Wednesday, January 10
Georgia is invited as an "important guest” at an upcoming exhibition in Shanghai, China, announced Georgia’s Ministry of Economy Dimitry Kumsishvili today.

The exhibition will be held on November 5-10, 2018 and will host exporters and producers from different countries to showcase their production.

The Chinese import fair will enable Georgian exporters interested in the Chinese market to popularise their productions in the country.

Also, as the minister announced, the exhibition will help Georgian exporters and producers establish communication with potential Chinese partners.

Meanwhile, Free Trade Agreement between Georgia and China came into play on January 1, 2018, making Georgia the first country in the region to have such a deal with China.

Starting from January 1, 2018 Georgian wine, mineral waters, honey, tea, fruit, vegetables and agricultural products will be exported to China and its market of 1.4 billion consumers, with zero tariffs, without additional customs fees and withut any transition period. (