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Rehabilitation of Tbilisi Historical Districts

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, January 11
GEL 62 million will be spent on the rehabilitation of Tbilisi historical districts this year.

The Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze, discussed several issues during this year’s first Tbilisi City Hall meeting.

He noted that the development of the capital city’s transport system and the restoration of Tbilisi's historical look is the priority. He added that making the public transport comfortable for citizens of Tbilisi is part of this year’s plan.

Kaladze said that the look of old Tbilisi is the city’s advantage and needs to be taken care of.

"This year, GEL 62 million will be allocated for the rehabilitation of historical districts. We aim at completing the rehabilitation of Gudiashvili square, Dry Bridge and its surrounding territories. I think that the restoration and rehabilitation of this part of Old Tbilisi will be a priority for our team during the following four years,” stated Kaladze.

The reconstruction of historic Gudiashvili Square started way back in 2016. The second stage of rehabilitation was implemented in 2017. Tbilisi City Hall ensured to involve experts including architects, art historians, and restoration experts, so that the reconstruction works do not damage the specificity of the area.

Gudiashvili Square is a highlight of Tbilisi architecture as it unites the elements of Georgian, Oriental and Classicist architecture.

During the meeting, Kaladze also thanked employees and private companies for their support of the New Year events.

“The festive events have just finished and I want to thank every employee of the City Hall, administration, culture and sports city services. The New Year events took place in all ten districts of Tbilisi,” said Kaladze.