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Second-Runner in Tbilisi Mayoral Race Announces New Political Movement

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, January 15
Aleko Elisashvili, who was an independent candidate in the last year Tbilisi mayoral race and came second, has an¬nounced the creation of a new public-political movement.

Elisashvili, who was defeat¬ed by the ruling party candi¬date Kakha Kaladze, claims the movement he plans to establish will be “absolutely different” from the parties which now operate.

“Most of the current leading political parties, both in the majority and opposition, have their leaders and people mostly vote for the leaders and not the party or its program. None of the parties are based on internal democracy,” Elisashvili said.

Elisashvili stated that the movement will prepare for the 2020 parliamentary elections. However, he did not exclude the movement to have its nominee for the 2018 presidential elec¬tions.

Before the participation in the mayoral race Elisashvili was an independent member of Tbilisi City Assembly, opposing both the Georgian Dream rul¬ing party and the United Na¬tional Movement opposition.

His second place in the last year’s municipal elections was a surprise for many, as he could gain more votes than the United National Movement candidate.

Experts stated it is rare that a political figure in Geor¬gia with no party affiliation gathered about 18 percent of votes.

Elisashvili is not the only politician who announced the creation of a “different politi¬cal force.”

The same was vowed by the country’s former Parliament Speaker, one of the most expe-rienced politicians in Georgia, David Usupashvili.

Usupashvili also announced a new movement which will participate in the parliamen¬tary elections.

Georgian political experts Gia Khukhashvili and Ramaz Sakvarelidze say that the coun¬try’s political life is in need of new players.