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Finnish School Will Open in Saguramo

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, January 17
The Alliance Group Holding plans to open the Finnish school in Saguramo near Mtskheta in partnership with Finland’s leading education consortium.

The founder of JSC Alliance Group Holding, Aieti Kukava, presented the project on TV Pirveli’s Business Morning.

According to Kukava, the project will be commercially beneficial for them and for the country.

“It has been proven that Finnish young people have created billion-dollar companies in recent years. This confirms they are advanced all over the world. We visited Finland, we met with heads of schools and the government who promised us support. For more than three years, we have been thinking about the opening of a school. We have chosen the Finnish Consortium,” said Kukava.

According to Kukava, the consortium consists of educational experts, designers, engineers, architects. He said that students will not need additional private teachers if they enroll this type of school.

“The school principal and some teachers will be from Finland, but we are starting to train local teachers too. They must pass a minimum of 6-month training to teach at our school. We will have high-level teachers who have MA degree in Chemistry, Medicine, and Physics. The wages will be relevantly high,” said Kukava.

The school project envisages an investment of 15-20 million Euros.

Finnish classrooms are typically described as learner-centered. As an emphasis on the student self-assessment suggests that students are expected to take an active role in designing their own learning activities and they are expected to work collaboratively on team projects. There is a substantial focus on projects that cut across the traditional subject or disciplinary lines.

The Alliance Group Holding is an innovative, diversified, leading company in the field of investment & advisory services that aims to invest in the prospective projects and create the long-term added value for its customers, shareholders, employees and the local economy. The projects implemented by the company have played an important role in the development of financial sector in Georgia.