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Former MP, General Found Assassinated in His Cabinet

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, January 17
(RUSTAVI, Georgia)--Samson Kutateladze, former general of the National Guard and the majoritarian MP, was found murdered in his cabinet in the town Rustavi, Georgia on January 15.

Kutateladze, 54, was the co-owner of the so called Istanbul Market in Rustavi. He was shot several times in his own office located at the territory of the market.

Deputy Interior Minister Natia Mezvrishvili said the investigation is underway with the articles of 236 and 108, which envisage premeditated murder, illegal purchase and possession of firearms.

The police do not have any suspects at present, but according to Mezvrishvili, the investigation is working on the recordings of surveillance cameras located at the market in order to identify the killer.

Georgian media reports the police also do not have any witnesses, as there is nobody who saw anything suspicious or heard the gunshots.

The expert-criminalists have observed the scene while the Kvemo Kartli regional police were questioning employees of Rustavi market.

According to unofficial sources, Kutateladze’s murder was ordered and it is linked to his business activities. However, this information is not verified.

Media reports the former general was a good acquaintance of ex-Prime Minister and tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Unverified sources say Kutateladze was going to sell his shares of Rustavi Market, adding this very fact could be the motive of murder.

Samson Kutateladze was taking part in the Abkhazian war and served as the General of National Guard in 2004-2006. He also participated in the peacekeeping mission in Iraq and was awarded the honorary title of General-Mayor of the United States Army.

Moreover, Kutateladze was Sachkhere majoritarian MP of the United National Movement (UNM) in 2008-2012. He was the deputy chairman of the parliamentary committee for defense and security.

In 2012 Kutateladze decided to quit politics and switched to business field.

The acquaintances and market employees of the deceased say Kutateladze had a good reputation and had no enemies.