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Tbilisi City Hall to Launch Taxi Regulations

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, January 25
Tbilisi Mayor’s Office will start mandatory registration of taxis. The statement was made by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze on January 24.

Kaladze stated that the residents of Tbilisi and the guests of the capital deserve a high-quality, safe and comfortable taxi service.

The Mayor explained that the mandatory registration will increase service standards and will help with establishing modern transport system in Tbilisi.

According to Kaladze, people who want to work as taxi drivers will have to obtain a special permission from the City Hall.

“We are working on this issue now. This regulation will be implemented gradually in order not to affect the work of taxi drivers,” he added.

Following the Mayor’s statement, Georgia’s Infrastructure Minister, Zurab Alavidze said the same regulations will be launched throughout the whole country, first of all at the resorts of Georgia.

“We have to launch these regulations in order to have a good transport system in the country. First of all, we will cover resort zones, because we do not need too many taxis there,” the minister stated.

Alavidze said the government is working on the issue, adding the changes will take place sooner than expected.

“We want to adopt such regulations that will not create problems for business and tourists,” he said.

In parallel with taxi regulations, Tbilisi City Hall is going to replace remaining old buses with new ones and increase the number of metro carriages.

Kaladze added that fines for transit movement in Tbilisi might also be increased up to GEL 500, in order to defuse traffic jams and transport problems in the capital.

“Solving traffic delays, reduction of emissions and better public transport is one of the main priorities of our team,” the mayor added.