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US Congressman Praises Georgian Democracy

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, February 9
The United States (US) Congressman, Ted Poe, says Georgia has “the strongest democracy in the region.”

Poe, the Head of the Georgia’s Friends’ Group in the US Congress, made the statement at the reception held in honor of Georgia’s Parliament Speaker, Irakli Kobakhidze, who is paying an official visit to the US.

The congressman also touched upon Georgia-Russian relations and stated that the Russian President Vladimir Putin thinks if he defeats Georgia, he will control all post-Soviet countries.

“This is why it is important the USA strongly supported Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova to allow these countries maintaining independence and freedom as they are no puppets for Russian imperialistic desires,” Poe stressed.

While delivering the speech, he recalled his visit to Georgia in 2008 and highlighted that Russia illegally occupied Georgian territories.

“I visited Georgia in 2008, a week after Russian invasion and occupation of Georgian territories. I witnessed Russian tanks. Russians are still there. US policy declares that Russia has illegally occupied territories of Georgia and this policy will not change as it is true,” he said.

The Congressman said the US wants to help Georgia improve its democracy.

“I am proud to chair the Friendship Group. I am also the NATO PA member hosted by Georgia last year. I believe that it says a lot about Georgia-West and Georgia-US relations,” Ted Poe stated.

He also said that Georgian soldiers play important role in ensuring global security by participating in NATO-led peacekeeping missions.

The Chair of the Democratic Partnership of the Congress, David Price addressed the attendees and pledged the support to Georgia, stating that USA values friendship with Georgia.

“We share common values: commitment to democracy, commitment to making life better for all of our citizens and in terms of parliament - a commitment to building effective representative institutions – that is the key to the democracy,” he stated.

Georgian Parliament Speaker Kobakhidze thanked the US Congressmen for their support to Georgia, adding the US contributes a lot for development of Georgian democracy.

“The USA inspires Georgia for democratic development. We are grateful for enhancement of our statehood and support to our sovereignty. We are grateful for political support to our independence and territorial integrity, for support in security and for financial support, which is paramount for development of Georgian democracy and economy,” the Speaker stated.