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Supra - DCís first Georgian restaurant debuts lunch and brunch menus

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, February 13
Supra, DCís first Georgian restaurant, recently launched new brunch, lunch and happy hour services at their restaurant, located on 1205 11th Street, NW. The menus feature familiar lunch and brunch with a uniquely Georgian twist, particularly for brunch - a meal period uncommon in the country, but one of the most popular in Washington, DC.

The brunch menu features Chef Malkhaz Maisashviliís creative omelets and egg dishes, also the Khacho Cakes, which are a gluten-free ricotta pancake made in a popular Eastern Europen style, with apricot preserves fresh apple and maple syrup, various Khachapuri and breads fresh from the tone oven.

Cocktails such as the Pom Pom, a pomegranate juice, pomegranate wine and sparkling wine concoction; the Bloody Mariami made with vodka, red Tkemali (a red Georgian plum sauce), red Ajika (a spicy house-made seasoning), lemon, cilantro syrup and Svanuri salt showcase the creativity of the Supra bar team in reinventing traditional brunch cocktails with Georgian ingredients.

Happy hour taking place Monday-Friday from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. offers an opportunity to try some of Georgian wines per glass from $7 to $8. The ďChacha picklebackĒ (a Georgian brandy) for $7 for more adventurous drinkers and Georgian sangria made with wine, beet juice, Chacha and orange for $8.

The food specials include special pricing on bites like the pickle assortments, stuffed mushrooms, cheeses, mussels, pork and beef sausages, and three different variations of Khachapuri.

Saperavi wine, made from Georgiaís signature Saperavi grapes, is the most popular option for both newcomers and fans of Georgian wine. Supraís menu features two options: Pheasantís Tears ($12 per glass) and Orgo ($16). Nelms notes they are the two best-selling wines at the restaurant.

Supra is DCís first Georgian restaurant from the family of Jonathan and Laura Nelms. Neither of them have Georgian roots. However, Jonathan has been interested in Georgian culture since he befriended a Georgian exchange student in high school.

Jonathanís knowledge of Georgian wine, food and heritage is on display at Supra, along with the culinary talent of Executive Chef Malkhaz Maisashvili, who worked at acclaimed restaurants in Georgia before coming to the U.S. to cook for the Embassy of Georgia.