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Tuesday, February 27
Tbilisi Mayor not to cooperate with “National Movement”

Tbilisi Mayor, Kakha Kaladze made a comment about the potential reorganization of libraries in the capital city.

Kaladze noted that a part of the opposition party is making false statements.

“We are not going to cooperate with the destructive, marginal force of “National Movement”. We will cooperate with “European Georgia” because they are constructive,” noted Kaladze.

Tbilisi City Hall is planning to reorganize libraries, which is opposed by the part of the opposition parties.

The members of Tbilisi City Assembly faction "National Movement" plan to draw up a special petition against reorganization and collect signatures.

Death of Gia Maisashvili

Politician and founder of the Leadership School of Gia Maisashvili died at the age of 56.

He was diagnosed with brain tumors in 2015 and has been fighting the illness for the last few years. The politician was in the United States in recent years undergoing a course of treatment.

Gia Maisashvili was a Georgian economist and politician who was a presidential candidate in the Georgian presidential election of 2008.

After graduating from Tbilisi State University in 1985, he was involved in students' pro-independence protests against the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and on the forefront in the struggle for Georgian independence and democracy, which was achieved in 1991.

Maisashvili became instrumental in transitioning Georgia into the free-market economic system by founding the country's first ever commodity exchanges - Tbilisi Universal Exchange and Georgian Tea and Wine Exchange.

He was focusing on educational reforms in Georgia while expanding his Leadership School brand, a venture he originally started in 2006 with the declared aim to rear "a new generation of skilled, wise and courageous future leaders of Georgia."
(Prepared by Mariam Chanishvili)