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Zurab Kalandadze’s Anniversary Exhibition

By Mariam Chanishvili
Wednesday, February 28
Zurab Kalandadze’s anniversary exhibition, organized by Georgian National Museum taking place in Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia will last until March 9.

The exhibition showcases Kalandadze's 27 artworks created in 2002-2012. The main stylistic characteristic is the organic connection between myth and poetry. The exhibition also showcases a sculpture "Tree of Love" created with a glass laser carving technique.

Poetic motifs and symbols are often found in Kalandadze’s works, as well as national accents and musical instruments.

“One thing is common for all the paintings – the round shapes. I have unconsciously used this characteristic stylistics, which, according to the critics,is psychologically caused by the manner of Georgian alphabet,” said Kalandadze.

After the artist’s 24 year pause, this exhibition is his first one in Georgia.

Exhibitions dedicated to the anniversary date include events in Hague, Rotterdam, Bachen, Laren (Netherlands) and Hasselt (Belgium).

Zurab Kalandadze has lived and worked in Holland since 1994. He works in the fields of painting, poetry, literature research and editorial-publishing activities. He has published more than twenty fiction books in Georgian, English, Russian, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Zurab Kalandadze is a member of the Dutch Professional Artists Association (BBK) and UNESCO partner organization - International Association of Artists (IAA); he has participated in more than 200 exhibitions. He is engaged in the public activities in order to promote Georgian culture abroad, and under his leadership over 40 exhibitions of Georgian artists were organized in various European countries.