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Interior Ministry Announces Plans to Reduce Crimes by Minors

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, February 28
Georgia’s Deputy Interior Minister, Natia Mezvrishvili says that the increased tendency of crimes committed by minors, mainly under 14, is the result of “deficient referral system.”

Mezvrishvili explained that minors under 14 know that if they commit crimes, they will not face criminal liability, adding this has to be changed.

She explained that there is an increase in crimes against property, saying minors under 14 are also often involved in theft or similar less violent crimes.

“We established that children under 14 have links with those who are 14-18. Older ones often use these children for their own purposes or involve them in more serious crimes, because they know that children under 14 will not be held responsible,” she added.

Deputy Interior Minister says the government plans to take serious steps in this direction.

“This is not only the problem of the Interior Ministry. It needs very complex activities which we have already started. A special inter-agency group was set up which is working in this direction,” she added.

Mezvrishvili explained that when minors under 14 commit crimes, investigations are immediately completed. The Deputy Minister says such children are not even included into a special rehabilitation program, which is necessary for the resocialization of such minors.

“The relevant state agencies are working to create a system that will work firstly on the on the crime prevention and on the other hand it will ensure the offender’s reintegration into the society.

When the offense is committed and the criminal liability is not imposed on minors, they should be aware that they will face alternative measures of responsibility, such as involvement in educational programs and participation in sports-recreational programs.

“This system will be directed towards the juveniles’ re-socialization and rehabilitation. I think this will solve the problem because tightening of law regarding minors is not the way out,” she stated.