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Giorgi Dundua’s Exhibition - "Skin I live in"

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, March 12
Giorgi Dundua’s personal photo exhibition - "Skin I live in" - was held on March 9 at Exhibition Hall of Open Society Georgia Foundation (OSGF).

The exhibition showcasing 30 conceptual works was supported by the NGO - Women’s Information Center.

Dundua's works included in the exhibition obtained the first place in the competition, which was initiated by Women's Information Center and Coalition "Education for All - Georgia" in 2017, within the frames of the “16 day campaign against violence”.

The competition was held in order to raise society’s awareness on women's rights and gender equality.

The exposition reflects commercial sex workers in an economically unstable and publicly marginalized environment.

The aim of the photo exhibition is to grow awareness and sensitivity towards the issue.

The OSGF is a member of the Open Society Foundation's Network, which was set up in 1994.

The OSGF is committed to the development of a free and democratic society where government is accountable to its citizens and politics serves people. The Foundation promotes a vision of society in which human rights are protected and people are respectful of diverse opinions and ethnic backgrounds.

The OSGF supports growth of independent media, protection of human rights, respect for the rule of law, development of the health sector and social integration of ethnic minorities and marginalized groups.

Women’s Information Center is a Non-Governmental organization (NGO) which keeps particular focus on the process of elaboration, lobbying and implementation of governmental action plans. It participates in drafting a new laws and making amendments to the existing draft laws that regulate gender equality. WIC strives for making its own contribution to the formation of civil society and government and cooperates with the existing institutional mechanisms.