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Georgia to Receive Its Citizens Convicted in Sweden

By Tea Mariamidze
Thursday, March 15
Georgia has agreed to receive its citizens, who have been convicted to Sweden.

The Information was released by the Swedish media outlet, which says the corresponding agreement between the two countries will be signed within the next two months. added that the Minister for Interior Affairs, Morgan Johansson and his Georgian Counterpart Giorgi Gakharia have already made a statement regarding the upcoming agreement.

According to Johansson, negotiations between the two countries, on returning convicted Georgians to homeland have been unsuccessful for 10 years, however, he said that a breakthrough happened this year.

“Now we are starting to work on a bilateral agreement, which will involve the transfer of Georgian citizens convicted in Sweden," said the Swedish Interior Minister.

Swedish media reports currently up to 70 Georgian citizens are serving sentences in Sweden, adding Georgia was refusing to take them back because of the lack of space in Georgian prisons.

Gakharia and Johansson have already signed an agreement which reads that Tbilisi and Stockholm will expand cooperation in the fight against international and organized crime.