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Police Detains 13 for Drug Crimes in Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Wednesday, April 4
Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs reports that during the last two weeks, the law enforcers have detained 13 persons for drug crimes, out of which, 5 will be charged for drug dealing..

The detention operations were carried out in Tbilisi, Kakheti, Guria, Shida Kartli and Samegrelo.

According to Mamuka Chelidze, Head of the Main Division of Fighting against Organized Crime under the Central Criminal Police Department of Georgia, in total were seized: 2750 pills ecstasy, about 1 kilogram of MDMA, 1 kg of cocaine, 530 pills subutex, 100 pills suboxone, 200 grams of amphetamine group drugs, 13,6827 grams of heroin, 94 methadone salt pills, 10 pills of methadone, 5,1432 of methadone powder, 3,5765 grams of codeine salt, 2,9731 grams of morphine salt, 1,1514 grams of Thebaine and other drugs.

Chelidze noted that one of the detained is the citizen of Kazakhstan, who was detained in Tbilisi International Airport, arriving from Dubai. The police seized 1 kilogram of drugs containing 676,1448 grams of cocaine in the search of the detainee's bag.

As a result of operative-investigative and investigative activities, the officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs also arrested a German citizen born in 1977. According to MIA, 2644 Ecstasy pills, 323 Subutex, 400 grams of cocaine, approximately 1 kilogram of MDMA and 200 grams of amphetamine group drugs were seized from the safe in the temporary residence of the detainee.

Both of the detained face from 8 to 10 years in prison.

The head of the police department underscored that Georgia is actively involved in the fight against cross-border drug crimes.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia is closely cooperating with Interpol, Europol, engaged in other international formats to fight cross-border crime. Also, Georgia has close bilateral ties with the partner countries,” he said, adding the drug dealers were revealed through mutual activities with partner states.

Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency, tasked with assisting the 28 EU Member States and EU partner nations in their fight against serious international crimes and terrorism.

Last month Interior Minister Giorgi Gakharia and Europol's Director Rob Wainwright signed a Liaison Agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding on a secure communication line protocol.

The signed documents are very important for the development of cooperation between Georgia and Europol as they enable the implementation of the Agreement on Strategic Partnership and Cooperation signed between the Europol and Georgia on 4 April 2017.