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Friday, April 6
Georgian Wine Export Grows 24%

In the first quarter of 2018, Georgian wine export increased by 24%.

The National Wine Agency stated that in January-March 2018, 17.7 million bottles (0,75l) of wine have been exported to 43 different countries, that is 24% higher than the similar data the last year.

In total, 40.47 million USD worth of wine has been exported, that is 26% higher than the data of the 2017.

Export growth is remarkable in the following countries: Belarus - 429% (233220), Japan 230% (53160), UK - 98% (37740), France - 71% (24248), Kazakhstan -85% (877494), Czech – 68%(18888), Latvia - 61% (412626), Netherlands - 46% (21993), Germany -38% (136222), Ukraine – 36%(1771928), Poland - 32% (740922), Estonia –28% (120246), Russia -28% (11511830), Israel - 24% (52722), USA - 3% (68620).

134 companies have exported wine worldwide.

3.5 million bottles (0,5 liters) of brandy and 43,8 thousand bottles of Chacha (brandy) were exported in January-March.

ˆ 800,000 to Be Allocated for Public Transportation Research

An agreement between Tbilisi City Hall and the French company "Systra" – the winner of the international tender - was signed on April 4.

Systra will have to present a bus restructuring route plan in about 15 months after signing an agreement. It will also develop a bus restructuring route plan, while the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will offer a grant for it.

Systra will offer its solutions for metro, buses and micro-buses in Tbilisi, in order to meet the challenges of the city.

Tbilisi City Hall noted that they are going to add new trains and “Stadler” wagons in Tbilisi Metro. They also stated that in accordance with the “Systra” recommendation, they will have accurate information about how many new buses are necessary in Tbilisi.

100 new buses will be added to the public bus fleet by the end of 2018.

The total cost of the project is ˆ800,000, out of which ˆ500,000 is a European Union grant and the remaining ˆ300,000 will be allocated by Tbilisi City Hall.
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