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Georgian Opposition Initiates Anti-Russian Propaganda Legislative Package

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, April 13
Parliamentary minority European Georgia has suggested adoption of a special legislative package which will be directed against the increased Russian propaganda in the country.

One of the leaders of the party, Sergi Kapanadze held a press conference, where he explained why the initiative is important for Georgia.

He offered pro-Western parties and NGOs to participate in the process of developing legislative amendments.

Kapanadze believes Russian propaganda has been strengthened lately, which can be seen in the emergence of not only the parties who directly preach pro-Russian messages, but also- NGOs.

“This increase has been noticeable in the last few months. It is particularly alarming that the state funds go to pro-Russian and xenophobic publishing houses,” he stated.

Kapanadze also said that Russian TV channels are paid to circulate advertisements. In addition, Kapanadze stressed that Gazprom-Media is entering Georgia with its quite large TV package NTV Plus, adding it is a serious challenge for the country's security and stability.

Kapanadze explained that the main goal of the initiative should be to limit financing for media outlets that spread Russian propaganda and put restrictions on Russian broadcasting.

“We invite NGOs, all pro-Western parties and civil society representatives to get involved in this process. In around a month we will present concrete initiatives in this direction,” he added.

The opposition MP underlined that recent report of the country’s State Security Service (SSS) also mentions increase of pro-Russian forces in Georgia.

State Security Service’s report from 2017, which has already been submitted to the parliament, reads that as a result of the counterintelligence activities, efforts of foreign special forces are aimed at strengthening and expanding their political influence through so-called lobbying groups, political unions, public organizations, funds, and manipulation with economic and energy leverages.

According to the report, the special services of foreign countries are trying to establish expert scientific-research centers and agencies for the purpose of spreading disinformation and affecting public opinion.

The report also says that certain individuals who are acting against the country's security and territorial integrity have been identified in Georgia.