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Man Kills Stepdaughter in front of Minors to Allegedly Revenge Ex-wife

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, April 16
A 25-year old woman was killed in central Tbilisi, in a flat of her sister by her stepfather, who escaped after the murder and was later arrested.

As reported by the media, the young woman was stabbed in her throat several times in front of her two children, who recognized the murderer and told the police his identity.

Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) reports that the man, 45, was arrested on Saturday in village Teleti, Kvemo Kartli region.

Deputy Interior Minister, Natia Mezvrishvili stated that the man had been convicted in 2015 as well for inflicting damage to ex-wife, the mother of the killed woman.

“As a result of the presidential amnesty, the sentence of the suspect was halved and he left prison on May 25, 2017,” Mezvrishvili explained.

She noted that prior to committing a murder, the police had issued a restraining order against him, on the basis of the demand of ex-wife.

The Deputy Minister added that the victim accompanied her mother at the court, and left earlier, after which, she was allegedly killed by her stepfather.

“The police received a notification about the murder soon after the restraining order was issued. When the law enforcers arrived at the site, she was already dead," reads the statement of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The father of the murdered woman says her daughter has several wounds near her neck and throat.

“That day my daughter was going to visit me. When she did not show up I tried to contact her and learnt terrible news,” he added.

Moreover, the grandmother of the victim says the murderer is a former policeman. According to Meri Gobadze, her former son-in-law had been abusing his wife, and after the divorce, he was threatening to kill her daughter.

"How could they release him from prison? I do not know much, but I know that he had been abusing my daughter. That’s why she broke up with him, after which he threatened her to kill her daughter. As I know from my daughter, he was a policeman in the past," the woman said.

An investigation has been launched under the article 108, pertaining to premeditated murder.