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Mayor Presents Night Tbilisi Development Concept

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, April 23
New jobs, tourism and trade promotion, increased economy and revived remote districts of the capital were named as the main advantages of Tbilisi Night Concept, presented by mayor Kakha Kaladze and the head of the concept, Sergi Gvarjaladze on Friday.

As it was mentioned at the presentation, the nightlife economy involves any economic activity that starts from 20:00 and lasts until the morning. The process involves various directions, including transport and communications, restaurant and hotel business, culture industry, trade and tourism.

According to the mayor, the main direction of the project is economic development.

“Generally, in the context of economy, we mean development of transport and support of medium and small businesses, like cafes, restaurants and bars,” Kaladze said, adding the Mayor’s Office is already working on the noise regulations.

He also added that while implementing the concept, not only the center but the remote districts should be equally promoted and developed.

While delivering a speech, Sergi Gvarjaladze noted that entertainment, leisure and cultural events will increase in the capital. According to him, any economic activity that lasts from the afternoon to the morning is part of the night economy and is not cut off from the ongoing economic activities during the day.

“First of all, it is necessary to communicate, because without it night economy is unimaginable. I am sure that this will be one of the most interesting and creative projects I have worked on,” he said.

Gvarjaladze says one of the most important aspects of the night economy is development of music and creative industry, which he says is already quite successful and popular in the country.

Tbilisi City Hall reports that within the frames of the concept, it is planned to regulate night transport, carry out a variety of cultural activities, including open cinemas and night museums. In addition, start uppers will be able to implement new business projects through business accelerators and proposed investment packages.