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“Don’t Kill Me”-Rally Held in Tbilisi

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, April 25
A rally, which was organized by the family of the teenager killed in December last year, was held in Tbilisi yesterday in front of the Tbilisi City Court, demanding justice and punishment of those involved in the deadly clash of schoolchildren.

Zaza Saraladze, the father of the deceased teenager Davit Saralidze, said that justice should be enforced and whole Georgia should unite against crime.

Saralidze believes that despite the fact two teenagers have been detained and charged for murder, “some other offenders are very likely to be walking free.”

He believes that one of the “offenders “is a relative of one of the law enforcers and everything is being done to avoid punishing the individual.

Saralidze told the media that the “offender” is now the key witness of the prosecution, who has changed the testimony five times.

The man also announced that the expertise carried out in Georgia failed to establish any kind of details necessary for launching the case.

A lawyer of the Saralidze family announced that British experts will come to Georgia in the coming days to carry out an expertise at the scene.

Two 16-year-old boys were stabbed to death in a school brawl in Tbilisi on December 1, 2017.

The Prosecutor’s Office charged two teenagers with ‘premeditated murder of an underage person’, and three others for not reporting the crime.

Davit Saralidze died in hospital due to multiple wounds in his back, while Levan Dadunashvili died immediately.

One of the charged teenagers was detained on December 2, while the other one, who had gone into hiding, surrendered on December 4.