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Police Charges 754 for Drug Offences

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, April 26
The Interior Ministry of Georgia has reported that 18 kg of drugs were seized in the past four months, with more than 750 people charged.

Mamuka Chelidze, head of Organized Crime Main Division of Central Criminal Police Department said at the briefing on Wednesday that one of the main tasks and priorities of the Georgian police is active struggle against the purchase and possession of drugs.

"Law enforcers seized 18 kilograms of narcotic drugs and various new psychoactive and psychotropic substances as a result of operative-investigative activities carried out throughout the country between January 1 and April 24.

ďAt the same time, 754 individuals, including three citizens of Iran, were charged with drug offenses.

Another three Iranians were detained after investigations in Tbilisi and Batumi, who were found to have less than one kilogram of heroin in their possession: if convicted, they may face eight to 20 years of imprisonment.

The ministry stated that 394 out of 754 were detained for illegal purchase, possession and selling of drugs in large quantities.