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Bank of Georgia launches Tourist Card

By Keti Donadze
Thursday, May 17
The Bank of Georgia has created a Tourist Card, which allows tourists visiting Georgia pay the travel fee in the subway, bus and mini-buses by this special card.

They will also be able to benefit from discounts in various facilities, cafes, restaurants, as well as museums, tourist companies, hotels and shopping centers.

The Deputy General Director Mikheil Gomarteli and the Head of National Tourism Administration Giorgi Chogovadze held a presentation of the new project at the head office of the Bank of Georgia.

“I am glad that with the dynamic development of tourism in Georgia, various businessmen create new products and services; among them the Bank of Georgia products – a special tourist card. People will have an opportunity to use card for transportation and for sales as well,” said Chogovadze.

“This is a bank card in its contents. The tourists will get sales from 15 to 30% and we suppose that tourists will have an opportunity to save money,” said Gomarteli.

“You can put a sum of 50-1,000 GEL on a tourist card. You can use Express bank pay box and POS terminals of partner banks in order to put money on card in GEL. You can put money in US Dollars and Euros by the use of Express bank pay boxes. Keep in mind that money put in foreign currency will automatically be converted into Georgian Lari. The sum will be put on the card one time only right after purchasing it. You won’t be able to put more money on it”, reads the card description.

According to the Bank of Georgia, paying with tourist cards will be possible everywhere, with the Bank’s card terminal. The price of the card is 10 GEL (about $4.09), and the amount can be transferred to the account immediately after the card is purchased.

In addition, tourists will receive various benefits. The owner of the Tourist Card will receive ‘Magti’ SIM card and 1000 MB high speed 4.5G internet. Tourist Card can be purchased in Bank of Georgia’s Express Services Centers without an ID card.