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Friday, May 18
By Mariam Chanishvili New Electronic Commerce Platform by Georgian Post

Georgian Post officially announced the launch of an electronic platform in order to facilitate the shipping of products within Georgia and abroad.

Georgian Post is responsible for the entire delivery service and the technical support.

The platform allows small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs to order and sell products worldwide and save time for other business operations.

"Georgian Product to the World" is the name of the new service, which aims to strengthen the e-commerce industry of Georgia.

Georgia's Economy Minister Dimitri Kumsishvili stated that this service will enable small business entrepreneurs to create new job openings and ship their products anywhere in the world.

Various Georgian companies are already interested in the new service of the Georgian Post.

"Our goal is to support the development of e-commerce in Georgia. Our service will facilitate the development and expansion of Georgian production, stated Levan Chikvaidze, CEO at Georgian Post.

Court found guilty teacher assistant of kindergarten accused of violence against minors

Chief Prosecutor's Office of Georgia stated that the employee of the kindergarten in Tbilisi was found guilty for violence against children.

The person has been charged with the Article 126 of Criminal Code of Georgia (violence).

According to the evidence examined by the court, it was established that one of the employees of the kindergarten in Tbilisi, abused and threw the child to the floor in October 2017.

It was also revealed that in January 2018, the same person committed violence against another child in the kindergarten. The minor was thrown on the ground. The teacher assistant inflicted physical pain on both of the children.

Tbilisi City Court found E.J. guilty of accusation and determined the type and the length of the conditional sentence to 1 year and 6 months.

The E.J. has been charged under the subparagraph a of the 11 paragraph of Article 126 of Criminal Code of Georgia (another type of violence, which has resulted into physical pain, committed knowingly against a minor; two episodes).