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Slovakia and Georgia Start directing “Missing Tune”

By Keti Donadze
Friday, May 25
On May 23, a presentation of Slovak-Georgian full-length feature film “Missing Tune” and a press conference were held at Hotel ‘Stamba’.

Slovakian Ambassador to Georgia Rudolf Michalka, the Minister of Culture and Sport of Georgia, Mikheil Giorgadze and the director of “Enterprise Georgia” Mikheil Khadureli attended the event.

Preparatory works begin initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Slovakia and Ambassador Rudolf Michalka and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Tbilisi City Hall and National Tourism Administration.

The film is about the rich grandchild of a wealthy Slovakian businessman, who travels in a strange country, to find out the secret of his grandfather’s last wish.

Georgia is as a woman for me, who you love and surprises you.The main idea is to tell a story about love, to show the beauty of Georgia seen from a Western perspective.

“Georgia is a fabulous country with its own special hospitality, that will be shown in the film”, said Ringaile Lescinkene, the producer.

The idea was supported by the Ambassador Rudolf Michalka.

The City Hall is actively involved in preparation and filming processes. Kakha Kaladze will play the role of a young and energetic mayor.

One of the aims of the project is to develop Georgia’s western partnerships with the European values of the country.

“I think this project is of big importance from the cultural point of view, as well as in the context of tourism development,” said Giorgadze.

The Project is supported by Tbilisi City Hall, National Tourism Administration, Embassy of the Slovakia in Tbilisi, The ministry of sport and culture of Georgia, and Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

Tbilisi City Hall took a big part in filming and preparing of the project. It will serve as an Ambassador of Georgian culture for the European Integration. As planned by the organizers, the film will be screened in the beginning of next year. Georgians and Slovaks will be the first to have an opportunity to watch the film.