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Wednesday, May 30
IDFI says Constitutional Court Misspends Budget Money

The Georgian Non-Governmental Organisation, the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI), says that the country’s Constitutional Court misspent the budget funds when the court chairman Zaza Tavadze bought a car for work that costed 180,000 GEL.

“This was an irrational expense,” the NGO reported.

Georgian Constitutional Court judge Manana Kobakhidze, who previously belonged to the Georgian Dream ruling party, explained the price, saying that the court head was in need of a “good car”.

“The Chairman will not move on foot from Tbilisi to Batumi and has to cover this distance very often. Vehicles are provided to judges around the world. I cannot tell how much money was paid, but I can say that probably the necessary amount was paid,” said Kobakhidze.

Deputy Education Minister Admits Inclusive Education is a Challenge

The Deputy Minister of Education and Science Lia Gigauri stated that inclusive education is a challenge because every student needs curriculum based on individual needs.

She announced that the Ministry has already elaborated a strategy in this direction for 2018-2021.

The statement came amid the Eastern European Regional Conference -"Development of Inclusive Education" at the Georgian Ministry of Education and Science on Tuesday.

During the conference, the inclusive education model developed by the Ministry of Education and Science, ongoing projects, as well as the "Inclusive Education Development 2018-2021" strategy and priorities developed for the purpose of development of inclusive education were discussed.

"This conference is aimed at sharing experiences, establishing connections and most importantly, at the common goal- equal accessibility of the education and equal participation in the education system. Inclusive education is the basis of inclusive labor market,” stated Gigauri.
(By Mariam Chanishvili)