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Thursday, May 31
Tbilisi Gov’t Says Transport Fee Won’t Increase

Tbilisi Hall Transport Municipal Service stated that the public transportation fare will not increase, responding to the media speculations that the metro and bus fee will increase to 80 tetri from current 50 tetri.

“The information spread by some media outlets and political organizations that the bus and metro fares are expected to be increased is not true. Also the connection between this disinformation and the development of a public transport route reorganization plan is unclear”, reads the statement.

Tbilisi City Hall considers social factor as one of the most important components of public transport services.

The City Hall says that the state spends 60 million GEL in public transport to pay for the citizens’ preferential and free travel annually.

“While carrying out transport policy, it is crucial for Tbilisi City Hall to offer a low-cost and preferential travel to the population. Besides that, our priority is to make public transport faster and more comfortable. For this purpose, renovating the existing parking and additions to metro trains are planned. Generally, all of this contributes to the growth and popularization of public transport”, the government says.

How many people are in bank blacklists in Georgia?

The Minister of Finance of Georgia Mamuka Bakhtadze stated that 25-30% of Georgians are in the so-called bank blacklists, which means the people failed to meet with their bank obligations and now they will not be able to take new loans for business and other purposes.

“This means that 630 thousand people, who may have a competitive idea or project to start their small business, are excluded from economic life of our country,” said Bakhtadze.

The minister said that changes in the financial and banking sector will soon be introduced to the parliament as a draft law and will ensure the fair rules and the protection of customers’ rights.

Credit information is kept in “Creditinfo Georgia”, which specializes in credit information and the provision of information essential to the decision making processes of banks, leasing companies and other organizations who lend money, provide services and goods in credit.

Client’s credit information is kept for 7 years. If the client does not pay the credit, Creditinfo keeps the information for about 5 years.
(By Anano Margebadze)