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Political Dimensions of the Rallies

By Levan Khutsishvili
Monday, June 4
Demonstrations started on May 31, supporting Zaza Saralidze, the father of the killed David Saralidze, who is demanding the justice and punishment of the killers of his son, is getting more and more political. From the beginning, demonstrations were partly leaded by the persons affiliated with the UNM and together with statements of punishment of killers and representative of prosecutor’s office, who, according to Zaza Saralidze, destroyed evidence and intimidated the witnesses; From time to time, resignation of the Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of Justice and other members of the government were demanded. However, since Zaza Saralidzes’ statement, made on June 2, the main objective has become the resignation of the whole government and new parliamentary elections.

“Today I have already seen clearly that the government is going to put pressure on us and uses all possibilities for it. See how the agent from State Security Service of Georgia or other governmental service wants to bring the provocation on a peaceful action. I decided! Until now, I was only asking the society, now I call on the political parties of Georgia to unite their forces to collapse this system once and forever. I will not give them the right to win over the truth. The truth must prevail. Every political party, each representative of the elite, every citizen, all peasant men, every parent with a dead kid, everyone, please support me. Come together with all our forces, because today the government once again tried to protect the system by spitting into the souls of our children. This system will definitely be collapsed", said Zaza Saralidze.

Some oppositional political parties already started consultations with Zaza Saralidze, Malkhaz Machalikashvili (the father of Temirlan Machalikashvili, the killed youngster during the special-operation in Pankisi Temirlan Machalikashvili) and Zviad Kuprava (one of the leaders of the demonstration). According to the official information, on the meeting, that was held in office of the National Democratic Party, representatives of the three opposition parties were attending: the Leader of the United National Movement Nika Melia, the leader of New Georgia, Giorgi Vashadze, Nika Machutadze, a representative of the party "Movement for the People" and other politicians.

"European Georgia" will decide whether to join the coalition after the consultations.

"To organize the rally, the 5-minute meeting in the tent and the exchange of opinions is not enough. We will continue the consultations. European Georgia takes responsibility on the statements we make. We will continue consultations with Zaza Saralidze as well as with political parties.The demonstrations should be continued so that the authorities do not think that something is over. At the same time, the process should continue with the maximum pressure on the government to appoint a public prosecutor and not to impose another puppet. At the same time, the investigation commission should continue its work. The Commission should reveal the facts that the society does not know. The protest and the Investigative Commission are not alternatives to each other. European Georgia will continue to stand with Zaza Saralidze and provide information to the society about murder of Saralidze and Dadunashvili , said Otar Kakhidze, one of the leaders of “European Georgia”.

Another oppositional party, “Republicans Party” thinks that last days of demonstrations is the attempt of the artificial transfer of protest into the pseudo-revolutionary scenario, and they are against it.

"We have supported the investigation of the murder of adolescents and the immediate punishment of the guilty and their patrons and we will always support those oppressed by the state, but yesterday's events pushed the artificial transfer of this fair protest into a bipartisan confrontation.

Republicans Party believes that the political parties' should be activity involved in the processes, taking place in the process of consolidation of the society and achieving concrete results, but they should consider the real demands of the society.

Zviad Kuprava and other leaders of the rally will consult with interested political parties and on the demonstrations, planned on June 3, they will announce about the plans and vision about the rally. Thou, the part of the society thinks that demonstration is already politically motivated, and people openly express their protest against the processes of politicization of the rally, because of this another demonstration is announced in Vake Park, which will be free from politicians and political statements.