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Judo President Resigns After two Judokas Being Shot

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Monday, June 4
The Georgian Judo Federation President David Kevkhishvili, whose resignation has been demanded by significant part of judokas since the beginning of May, resigned on Saturday after two judokas were shot by his supporter, coach Lomer Zhorzholiani.

Kevkhishvili says that he made the decision to avoid any provocations and to enable judokas to train normal conditions.

He claimed that he did not take such a step earlier as the protest wave against him was “staged” by the people who acted based on their own interests.

On May 31, Lomer Zhorzholiani, who is Kevkhishvili’s friend and was coaching adult judokas, shot two judokas in central Tbilisi.

The two have no life-threatening wounds.

Zhorzholiani was detained shortly for illegal purchase and possession of a firearm.

The Georgian Sport Minister Mikheil Giorgadze stated on May 29 that a special commission created in the ministry studied judokas accusations to the federation president and concluded that there was “no ground” to fire Kevkhishvili.

The minister called onthe parties to sit together to settle the problems and act based on the interests of the Georgian judo.

Famous Georgian Judokas, who accused Kevkhishvili of bad ruling and financial violations, declared their distrust to the commission.

Judokas Varlam Liparteliani and Avtandil Tchrikishvili called on people to support the dismissal of Kevkhishvili, who “has done nothing” for the development of the Georgian judo.

Kevkhishvili claimed that the Georgian Dream party lawmaker Shota Khabareli and Olympic Champion Zurab Zviadauri have been trying to end his ruling in the federation.

He said the two aimed to bring “their people” in the federation.