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Georgian Brand to be sold in Hong Kong

By Mariam Chanishvili
Monday, June 4
Bags from the Georgian brand – Gepherrini – will be sold in Hong Kong’s famous shopping mall.

According to Ilia Gepheridze, the founder of Gepherrini store will be located at the Harbour City shopping center.

Harbour City is a large shopping mall in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. It belongs to the chain series of office blocks and hotels. The mall features various branded boutiques.

“Within the frames of the “Enterprise Georgia,” we participated in an international exhibition where Gepherrini was among the 12 best brands. A company was interested and offered to export our products to Hong Kong, and we completed negotiations there. This will be our brand’s store, where purses and bags will be sold. As for the prices, they will be double compared to the Georgian market’s prices. The bags will cost from 100 to 500 USD,” said Gepheridze.

Gepherrini was founded in 2014.

The goal was to create a production which would would find its way to the international market. From the very beginning they focused on women’s bags with different style and quality.

Bags for men and children were also added later, as well as accessories and wallet with genuine leather.

The main principle and distinguishing feature of Gepherrini is to create a limited number of each manufactured product in order not to have the same model on the market.

The company has been exporting to France, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Enterprise Georgia, under the Ministry of Economy and sustainable development of Georgia, is directed towards the development of entrepreneurship via establishing new enterprises, expanding existing ones and promoting entrepreneurial culture in the country.