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European Parliament Condemns Russia’s Actions in Georgia Prior to Voting a Resolution

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, June 14
The European Parliament (EP) held a discussion on Georgian issues on June 13 and its members condemned Russia’s actions on the territory of Georgia prior to the date when the EP is scheduled to vote a resolution on Georgia.

Most of the speakers condemned the Russian occupation and expressed their support for Georgia’s territorial integrity.

"We have, as the European Union, a very special role to play, particularly because of the EU Monitoring Mission to Georgia. We are the only international monitoring presence in the field today. The Mission has fulfilled an indispensable function of stabilisation, to the benefit of all the communities affected by the conflict,” the high representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini said.

She stated that the European Union is denouncing the steps taken by Moscow to consolidate what it calls "new realities" on the ground.

"Among other things, we do not accept Russia's military build-up in the breakaway entities and its construction of physical barriers on the dividing lines. All our actions aim at improving the life of all people in the region. Together with the OSCE and the United Nations we continue to steer the Geneva international discussions to address the consequences of the conflict,” Mogherini said.

Mogherini mentioned the government of Georgia peace initiative to the occupied regions , envisaging economic and social cooperation, and said that the EU is now looking at the possibility of providing further support.

The Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee at EP, David McAllister from the European People's Party said, the steps made by Russia aimed at annexation of Georgian regions are concerning. He called on Russia to fully comply with its obligations under ceasefire agreement.

The Euronest Chair Rebecca Harms has said that in current situation, when Georgia refuses to resolve the conflict by force, "any compromise to Russia would be disastrous for Georgia.”

The EP resolution on "Georgia’s occupied territories ten years after Russian Aggression” will be voted today.

The Georgian Ambassador to the EU Natalie Sabanadze expects that a new resolution will condemn the Russian aggression in Georgia.

The resolution will come after the debates in the European parliament dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Russian invasion of Georgia.

“It is important that the European Parliament to once again reveal its position on the issue. The resolution text has already been drafted but it may see certain changes following the debates,” Sabanadze said.

Sabanadze says that the drafting of the resolution text started six months ago.

“We that expecting that the new resolution will condemn Russia’s illegalities in Georgia and speak about the consequences of the occupation,” Sabanadze said.

She said that the Russia-Georgia war ended years ago, but the occupation and aggression still continue amid rough violation of Georgian interests and the fundamental human rights.