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Friday, June 22
Animal Monitoring Agency Caught 244 Snakes in Tbilisi

Due to increased heat this summer, more snakes and reptiles have been noticed in Tbilisi’s various than usual.

According to the Human Rights Agency Herpetologist Shota Zandukeli venomous snakes were found in several districts of Tbilisi.

Most of the snakes were found in suburbs and some of them are dangerous.

“The zones where we found venomous snakes are Ortachala, Krtsanisi, Ponichala, Africa district and the vicinity of the airport,” Zandukeli said.

He informed the public about the steps they should take in case of an encounter with a snake: they must immediately contact the Animal Monitoring Agency, while in case of bites, they should lay down and do not move, drink drink water and take anti-allergic drugs in case of an allergic reaction.

The Animal Monitoring Agency has seized 244 snakes in Tbilisi this year. The largest number of snakes was caught in May. The Animal Monitoring Agency captured 438 snakes in 2017.

Tourists to travel to Georgia with enhanced GPS

Georgia is cooperating with global leading navigation systems to make travelling in Georgia easier and more comfortable.

The National Agency of Public Registry (NAPR) aims to ensure that tourists coming to Georgia are able to travel around the country using GPS.

As a part of the new project, the NAPR has completed its field work to chart and photograph all major locations in Tbilisi to develop a national navigation system as a part of the project.

The database includes 41,000 educational, cultural and entertainment facilities located in Tbilisi. Different tourist locations have been added to Google maps in Georgia.

The Minister of Justice Tea Tsulukiani spoke at the extraordinary parliamentary session while presenting her action plan for coming years on June 19.

"An international carmaker is going to issue a model with the TomTom application where Georgia will also be included for the first time. This will ensure that tourists will be able to travel in Georgia using GPS. They will not need paper maps anymore,” Tsulukiani said
(By Mariam Chanishvili)