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Road Accident in Tserovani Leaves One Dead, 18 Injured

By Tea Mariamidze
Tuesday, June 26
One person died and 18 were injured in a road accident near Tserovani, outside capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.

According to the reports, the driver of a trailer with a Turkish serial number hit a minibus full of people.

As reported, both drivers are in the police department for questioning.

According to the eyewitnesses, there are two possible causes of the accident. Some of them claim the Turkish driver fell asleep and hit the minibus. While the others say that the tire of the trailer burst and the driver could not control the vehicle.

“The minibus stopped and the trailer hit it from behind and crashed it. Road safety barriers were demolished and fell on the nearby car,” one of the witnesses told Rustavi 2.

Another witness said the minibus was driving along the road when the accident happened.

19 injured were taken to Mtskheta hospitals. Three out of them needed urgent operation, but one of them died afterwards.

As reported, 8 people’s health condition is critical, while others have minor injuries.

Head of Emergency Situations Coordination and Regime Department Avtandil Talakvadze told reporters that the deceased is a 30-year-old man.

“Doctors carried out resuscitation measures immediately after he was taken to the hospital but it was impossible to save him,” Talakvadze said.

Talakvadze added one of the injured is also feeling unwell and remains in Resuscitation Unit. He said one of the patients with multiple injuries, was also operated on and his health condition is critical but stable.

"The condition of other patients is stable and they remain under the supervision of doctors. One of the injured is a child, his condition is stable now," said Avtandil Talakvadze.