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Swiss Chocolate Company to Invest in Georgia

By Mariam Chanishvili
Thursday, June 28
Chocolate manufacturer Swiss company Camille Bloch plans to produce hazelnut in Guria and seeks land for plantations.

Experts of Camille Bloch met the Governor of Guria, Merab Chanukvadze and Lanchkhuti Municipality Mayor, Aleksandre Sarishvili and discussed the details.

The meeting was also attended by Deputy Governor Ketevan Moisperteshvili, Head of Lanchkhuti Municipality Sakrebulo, Besik Tabidze and the Head of Adam Beridze's Soil and Food Diagnostic Center, Rusudan Takidze.

The Swiss company is interested in developing nuts plantations in Georgia and wants to integrate new technologies in this field.

50,000 hazelnut seedlings are planned to be brought in Georgia. The sides agreed to cooperate in the future.

It is worth mentioning that Camille Bloch representatives visited Georgia in September 2017.

Deputy State Representative-Governor in Imereti, Ioseb Khakhaleishvili met Daniel Bloch, the owner of Swiss chocolate producer Camille Bloch. The Senior Councilor of the Embassy of Georgia in Swiss Confederation Ilia Marjanidze also attended the meeting.

Almost none of the local varieties of hazelnuts suffer from various diseases. Therefore, pesticides are not necessary for growing them.

The forest nut, cultivated on the territory of Georgia, is much less pollution than permitted by strict international sanitary standards.

In Guria, Western area of Georgia, different varieties of nuts are cultivated due to the humid subtropical area.

Chocolats Camille Bloch SA is a traditional family business founded in 1929. Today Daniel Bloch directs the fortunes of the Swiss chocolate maker in the third generation.

Among Camille Bloch’s most cherished products are the rectangular Ragusa bars which are filled with praline filling and whole hazelnuts, and the gianduia oozing (chocolate and hazelnut spread) Torino treats.