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Police Arrests 7 Drug Dealers in One Week

By Tea Mariamidze
Friday, June 29
The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia says that 5 drugs dealers have been detained in one week.

The information was released by Mamuka Chelidze, Head of the Main Division of Combating Organized Crime of the Criminal Police on Thursday.

According to Chelidze, one of the main priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is an active and uncompromising fight against illegal circulation and spread of drugs.

“Over the last week, 7 drug dealers have been detained, and large quantities of various drugs have been seized,” he added.

Chelidze explained that 4 out of 7 dealers were detained in Kvemo Kartli Region.

“Officers of the Special Tasks and Kvemo Kartli Regional Prosecutor's Office detained 4 drug traffickers in Marneuli for illegal purchase and keeping of large quantities of narcotic substances as a result of jointly operative-investigative activities,” he said.

Three out of the four detained persons in Marneuli had been convicted for drug crimes in the past too. The crime committed by them envisages from 7 to 14 years of imprisonment. The investigation found that the accused were selling drugs systematically.

While searching one of the detainees' houses, 5 packets of heroin were seized. Investigation is underway into the fact of illegal purchase and keeping of drugs,” said Mamuka Chelidze.

He added that one person was detained in Kutaisi airport, while another one was arrested in village Kabali, Lagodekhi municipality, Kakheti Region.

Around a week ago, the MIA stated that 72 drugs dealers have been detained and charged over the course of past six months.

The ministry says that especially large quantities of drugs have been seized from foreign nationals and the Georgian citizens.

“Fighting against drug crimes and drug dealing is one of the key priorities for the Interior Ministry of Georgia,” the ministry said. Our goal is to maximally decrease the negative effect caused by drug consumption,” the ministry added.