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Monday, July 2
By Mariam Chanishvili

Law does not protect from working in extreme heat

Only one normative act regulates working in high temperature in Georgia. Georgian Government adopted the law on approval of hygienic requirements for micro climate for industrial spaces in 2014, which concerns those employed indoors.

The regulations recommend temperatures for the employees. In case of physical work, the average temperature shall not exceed 30.5-32.5 C degrees.

Duration of the work day depends on the temperature. The head of the Trade Union, Irakli Petriashvili considers that this legislative act is not in compliance with world standards. "The trade union demands real labour condition inspections. Offices do not stop work process at 32 C degrees. Standard is to stop outdoor work process and limit working hours in offices during the high temperature," he said. Petriashvili also mentioned construction works and unbearable conditions due to the heat.

Gov’t says what happens in case of absence of permits for open cafes

From July 1, legal action will be launched against those, who have not applied to the City Hall’s appropriate services for the permit of outdoor cafés, - Beka Davituliani, member of the Tbilisi City Assembly from the majority, said on June 29.

As for those individuals, who have applied for a permit to open outdoor cafes, they will not face any problems.

“Those who have applied to the City Hall's services for the permit to place the outdoor cafés will have no problems and legal action will be launched from July 1 against those who have not applied for it,” Davituliani said.