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Interior Ministry Says Domestic Violence Cases Increase in Figures

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, July 11
The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia says that the cases of domestic violence have doubled in the last six months, as the people started calling police more frequently than earlier.

The Ministry also stated that three police officers have been dismissed for committing domestic violence and that certain violators will have to wear special electronic bracelets.

The Deputy Interior Minister of Georgia, Natia Mezvrishvili stated that between January 1 and July 1 the Interior Ministry launched investigation for 2,804 facts of family crimes and criminal prosecution was enacted against 1,933 individuals, which equals the whole data of the previous year.

1,328 individuals have been detained over the past six months for family violence.

3,292 restrictive orders have been issued in the period, which is a doubled figure of the previous year data.

The cases of violation of restrictive orders are low, amounting to 7 percent of the whole figure and mostly concern the cases when violators come closer to victims.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs is combating against the family crimes not only outside its walls, but also inside the system,” Mezvrishvili stated.

“Disciplinary sanctions were issued for 10 employees of the Interior Ministry. Four out of the ten were punished for not showing appropriate reaction to the cases of family violence, while six for committing the family violence. Out of the six three have been dismissed,” Mezvrishvili said.

Mezvrishvili stated that the violators in the high risk group will have to wear electronic bracelets for a permanent police control.

“The system will be launched until the end of the year,” Mezvrishvili stated.

Mezvrishvili stated that in the past six months more than 50 individuals have been detained for discrimination crimes.