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Georgian Police Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing, Leaves Crew Injured

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Friday, July 13
The Georgian Border Police helicopter made an emergency landing yesterday which left three pilots, one border guard and one patrol police officers heavily injured, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia reported.

One out of the five has been operated in a regional hospital, while the condition of others remains heavy, but stable, the head of the Border Police Temur Kekelidze told the media.

Kekelidze claimed that the helicopter was technically fit and technical malfunction could not be the reason of the accident.

He added that the investigation is in progress and that the law enforcers will find out the reasons behind the fact.

The helicopter made an emergency landing near the village of Artana, Telavi region in eastern Georgia.

The injured were immediately transported to Telavi hospital, in Kakheti region.

The Interior Ministry announced that the helicopter was on a scheduled flight to the Lagodekhi border police unit for an ordinary rotation.

Kekelidze visited the injured in hospital shortly after they were taken to hospital.