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Monday, July 16
By Mariam Chanishvili

Tochinoshin withdraws from tournament due to injury

Georgian sumo wrestler Tochinoshin, also known as Levan Gorgadze announced his withdrawal from the Nagoya Grand Sumo Tournament on July 14.

Tochinoshin injured his right big toe, which requires 1-month treatment.

The new ozeki was injured on Friday. He notified the Japan Sumo Association the same day he was withdrawing out on the seventh day of the 15-day tournament at Dolphins Arena gymnasium.

Prior to his loss to Tamawashi on Day 6, Tochinoshin had won all his five bouts.

"It has been swollen and it's painful, I can't even step on the ground. It's a little disappointing, and I'm sorry. If it improves, I want to return to the tournament,” Tochinoshin said.

Tochinoshin was promoted to ozeki after the summer tourney held in Tokyo in May.

Gorgadze is the third wrestler from Europe and the first from Georgia to reach the rank. The 2 other Ozeki-ranked wrestlers from Europe are Bulgarian-born Kotooshu and Estonian wrestler Baruto.

What are Robot Sophia’s Plans in Georgia?

Robot Sophia, who is coming to Georgia to read a report at Georgia's Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit in Tbilisi on July 17-19, will discuss 'Public Services and Innovation’.

More than 90 countries will participate in the summit.

Taking into consideration the significance of this summit, the UN Development Program invited Sofia in Tbilisi.

Sopo Chichinadze, UNDP Public Relations Analyst noted that Sophia will participate in the summit and after the summit she will likely visit the House of Justice in Tbilisi.

"Sophia and Hanson Robotics agreed with our offer and therefore UNDP will host Sofia at this summit. Sophia will take part in the opening of the summit and will have a very short but interesting word, and later engage in a panel discussion dedicated to the development of public services. Within the framework of the discussion, Sophia will talk about the way in which the state services should be developed and the role of artificial intelligence,” Chichinadze explains.

However, nobody will have a chance to have a personal interview with Sophie. According to UNDP, it will probably be possible to take selfies with Sophia.

Robot Hanson Robotics created Sophia in 2015. In 2017, she received Saudi citizenship, the first robot ever to be granted citizenship.