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New Chief Prosecutor: ‘Justice will be Restored in 1,030 years’

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, July 17
The new Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Shalva Tadumadze, who was approved by the parliament on Monday, says all those who have filed against the United National Movement leadership in the Chief Prosecutor’s Office will see their cases discussed in the course of 1,030 years.

Tadumadze said that the reason of the delay is that 52, 530 files have been submitted in the Chief Prosecutor’s Office since 2012 against the members of the United National Movement government.

“The people believe that their rights were violated by the previous state leadership. However, the office has no enough personnel and the resources to investigate all the cases shortly. As a maximum 50 cases can be investigated annually. Consequently, with the pace, all the cases will be investigated over the course of 1,030 years, “ Tadumadze said.

The parliament of Georgia elected Tadumadze on Monday with 101 votes for and two against in the 150-member legislative body.

Tadumadze, who had served as the government’s parliamentary secretary since 2012, since the time when the Georgian Dream coalition defeated the nine-year rule of the United National Movement, will replace Irakli Shotadze in the role, as the latter resigned on May 31.

Tadumadze was among the three nominees of the justice minister and was the only candidate selected by the Prosecutorial Council for the position which became elected through the major changes in the law in 2015.

Before approved by the parliament, Tadumadze had to answer the lawmakers’ questions.

On the question about his qualification Tadumadze stated that he has always been a successful lawyer and served the interests of the country’s very influential people, former Prime Minister tycoon Bidzina Ivanishvili among them.

Tadumadze spoke about the importance of changes in the law about conviction and said that public should have information about the convicts of certain crimes even after the removal of the convict status.

“If an individual served his/her sentence for pedophilia, he/she should not be hired as a caregiver even 30 years after committing the crime,” Tadumadze said.

Prior to the nomination for chief prosecutor, Tadumadze was appointed as the head of the government administration.

The opposition believes that the new chief prosecutor belongs to the ruling team and he will be influenced by the current state administration.

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office will see additional changes this year, after the presidential elections, as the body will become independent from the executive government.

The Chief Prosecutor’s Office will be accountable only before the parliament.