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Tuesday, July 17
By Mariam Chanishvili

Tskhinvali Criticizes OSCE Resolution on Russia-Georgia Conflict

The de-facto Foreign Ministry of occupied Tskhinvali Region of Georgia responded to the resolution adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Co-Operation and Security in Europe (OSCE PA) at last week’s 27th annual session in Berlin.

“It is impossible not to focus on the similarities of the resolutions adopted by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. This is the open demonstration of political and military support of aggressor Georgia and it attempts to create a strong negative wave against Russia.

“Unfortunately, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly resolution says nothing about the inactivity of its mission in Georgia and the Georgian aggression in South Ossetia. The mission failed to fulfill its mandate and did not prevent Georgia's aggression against South Ossetia,” reads the critical statement by de facto Ministry.

OSCE PA passed a final resolution at the annual session in Berlin, which contains several resolutions. Among them is the aforementioned regarding Georgia’s "10 Years after the August War”.

In the resolution, the Assembly stresses the responsibility of the Russian Federation.

The resolution also condemns the killing of Georgian citizens:ArchilTatunashvili, Giga Otkhozoria and Davit Basharuli.

Money Transfers to Georgia Increases

In June 2018, the volume of money transfers from abroad to Georgia amounted to 135.1 million US dollars, which is 14.8% (17.4 million USD) more than the same indicator from June 2017.

The information was released by the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), which says that 93.1% of the total money transfers from abroad came from the 17 largest donor countries, with the volume of transfers from these countries each exceeding $1 million in June 2018.

Volume of money transfers from Georgia in 2018 is more than the data from last year.

“In June 2018, 17.9 million US dollars (43.9 million GEL) was transferred from Georgia, instead of 17.8 million US dollars (42.8 million GEL) in June 2017," NGB says.