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Tuesday, July 24
By Elena Chivadze

Thunder Strikes Russian Citizen on Georgian Peak

Thunder stroke 49-year old Russian citizen, who was climbing Mkinvartsveri Peak [Mount Kazbegi] on Monday. His life is not at any risk, the Georgian Emergency Management Service reports.

The injured was helicoptered from the peak, 4300 meters above the sea level, by the Georgian Emergency Management Service staff.

The height of Mkinvartsveri is 5,047 meters. It is also known as Kazbegi Mountain, and is the third-highest peak in Georgia after Mount Shkhara and Janga and the seventh-highest summit in the Caucasus Mountains.

Heavy Rain Causes Flood in Eastern Georgia, Affects Locals

The Georgian Emergency Management Service reports that heavy flooded several villages of Kakheti region in eastern Georgia, as village canals failed to let the water through.

Yards and basements have been flooded in several villages of Kakheti.

The Emergency Management Service says they received six reports from the Lagodekhi area and three from the villages of Anaga, Vakhiri and Magharo.

The Emergency Management Service's rescuers and firefighters helped six locals to safe locations.

Irrigation canals are being cleaned with local equipment.