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Ministry Confirms Alleged Involvement of Georgian soldiers in Robbery in Afghanistan

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, July 31
The Georgian Ministry of Defence has confirmed the information spread by Rustavi 2 private broadcaster on Monday that several Georgian soldiers have been caught for robbery in the aviation base of Afghanistan.

The ministry condemned the fact and stated that the US military police were investigating the case.

“According to the initial information, representatives of various countries, including four Georgian militaries, are related to the cases of robbery. The trading facility in Afghanistan suffered a loss of $ 3600 due to the theft.

“The Ministry of Defense is closely cooperating with the American side. As soon as the case materials are ready, the military police of the Georgian Armed Forces will determine the factual situation and provide more information to the public. The law will punish the offenders,” the Georgian ministry said.

The ministry highlighted that the robbery took place only once and it did not have a systematic nature.

“The fact was painful for the Ministry of Defense and the Georgian Armed Forces, as well as the leadership and personal staff of the Georgian contingent in Afghanistan,” read the statement.

The ministry said that it was the “exceptional” case when Georgia was mentioned in a negative context.

Georgia is the largest non-NATO contributor to the Resolute Support mission with 885 troops, and the world leading countries have always shown their gratitude to Georgia for its contribution to international peace and security.

32 Georgian soldiers died when serving the NATO mission in Afghanistan and dozens received severe injuries.