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South Caucasian Museum of Moving Photography

By Mariam Chanishvili
Tuesday, July 31
Open air screening and public lecture took place in the village center of Omalo, Tusheti at 2 200 meters above sea level.

Images by contemporary photographers showcased, and the works and legacy of Shalva Alkhanaidze, a celebrated 20th-century photographer from Tusheti were also presented.

The event aimed at gathering local inhabitants with international tourists visiting Tusheti.

The event was organized by Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum Moving Museum of Photography and was part of South Caucasus Photography Hub for Education and Innovation founded by Swiss Cooperation South Caucasus.

Following the Tusheti display, there are plans for shows in locations including the Pankisi Valley and the Tserovani settlement of internally displaced persons in Georgia.

The Moving Caucasian Museum is the invention of Alexandre Roinashvili - pioneer of photography in Georgia and South Caucasus.

In the 2nd half of 19th century, the moving museum aimed at featuring in different cities all over Georgia and Russia.

Today, the South Caucasian Moving Museum of Multimedia features slideshows that form part of the Multimedia Archives and I-MEDIATEK of Photography Hub for Education and Innovation (PHEI).

PHEI is supposed to become a regional platform gathering South Caucasian photographers, artists, curators, experts of visual culture and actors of civil society to enable the use of the power of photography as a medium for empowerment for substantial social and cultural changes.

Multimedia Lab aims to support the professional strengthening of emerging women photographers of the South Caucasus region that cover social issues in Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia and use the medium of photography for storytelling.