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Three Years after AA European Parliament Gives Recommendations to Georgia

By Tea Mariamidze
Monday, September 3
The European Parliament discussed the report on the Association Agreement between Georgia and the European Union, which summarizes the three-year cooperation between Georgia and the European Union and unites Georgia's achievements, challenges, and European Parliament's recommendations.

The majority of the recommendations refer to the rule of law and effective governance. In this context, the European Parliament is pleased with the government's fight against corruption, progress in judicial reform, civil service law and fighting against organized crime. However, it also calls on the Georgian authorities to carry out some important changes:

- To separate the Anti-Corruption Agency from the State Security Service as an independent institution;
- Create an effective mechanism for investigating cases of abuse of power committed by the law enforcers or officials
- Provide more transparency and independence of the judiciary system
- Improve public finance management system reform
- Discuss the package of amendments to drug policy in accordance with the Constitutional Court's decision made of 30 November 2017

Besides, the European Parliament is pleased with the creation of the Human Rights Department in Georgia and the by improving the situation in the country regarding Press Freedom Index of Georgia, but it calls on the government to develop human rights mechanism and cooperate with various social groups in this regard.

In addition, the European Parliament calls on the Georgian authorities to take steps to protect the fundamental freedoms of vulnerable groups in the fight against hate speech and discrimination, including the labor market, also, protect LGBT people, persons with special needs and minorities, protect women from any kind of violence and increase their participation in both politics and labor market.

The European Parliament's assessments and recommendations also apply to the labor market. The calls are mainly related to child labor, improvement of labor inspection and freedom of trade.

The European Parliament is happy with cooperation with Georgia in the direction of environmental protection and energy but calls on the government to take steps to improve energy independence, renewable energy, and legislation.

The report was prepared by the European Parliamentarian Andrejs Mamikins.

In June 2014, the EU and Georgia signed an Association Agreement, which entered into force on July 1, 2016.