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Municipal Inspection Service of Tbilisi City Hall

By Levan Khutsishvili
Friday, October 19
On October 16, Mayor of Tbilisi, Kakha Kaladze has presented the Municipal Inspection Service which will be responsible for the urban order in the city.

As Kakha Kaladze noted during the presentation, the Tbilisi government is aware of all the challenges, problems and difficulties that are vital to be solved for the establishment of the order in the capital.

According to him, establishing Tbilisi Municipal Inspection is one of the strongest ways through which the capital will be like a modern, well-organized European city.

The Mayor of Tbilisi also spoke about the functions and obligations of the renewed service, including control of ongoing works and unauthorized constructions on buildings with cultural heritage status; Detecting violations of permit conditions; Protection of safety norms; Obtaining construction and supervision of construction facilities and building technical supervision; Identification and elimination of unauthorized external trade and cleaning rules; Environmental and Natural Resources Protection; Control over the rules of advertising spread and the elimination of facts of noise norms.

"All this, in general, is necessary to regulate the appearance of the capital, to solve ecological problems, to secure safety and other standards. Citizens often report the following violations: Vandalism of the city property and pollution, violation of cultural heritage and violation of norms established for construction. Our participation and involvement will give us a 24-hour working stimulus, and we are committed to protecting the rights of the city, every district, street, yard or family ", - stated Tbilisi Mayor.

According to him, with the help of Municipal Inspection Services, taking care of the property of Tbilisi and public property will be easier.

"When I was appointed as a mayor, this service consisted of about 147 employees and had outdated transport and technical equipment. Now we are already presenting the Municipal Inspection Service of Tbilisi City Hall. Functions and powers of the service have been increased, the number of employees has been doubled and equipped with new technical capacities. This Service is now standing in front of the colossal work and their effectiveness depends on the support of the citizens of Tbilisi, "said Kakha Kaladze.

Municipal Inspection Service of Tbilisi City Hall, in fact, is a service that capital of Georgia had before under the name of Municipal Supervision Service, just from October 1, 2018, the name was changed and service was modified and updated. As Kaladze said, functions of the service will be increased, and it can be very useful service for the city, as the more and more regulations are appearing, and when Land Use General Plan of Tbilisi will go into force, efficient service will be needed to control ongoing processes. But, so far, in 2018 Municipal Supervision Service had a lot of work to do, as, according to the statistics of 2018:

"Up to 1200 references have been issued within one year and up to 1000 judgments with a total amount of 10 million GEL. I wish success to Municipal Inspection Service, residents of the capital and hope that we will take more care of the order and municipal property, "said Kakha Kaladze.